ZOO meets UIkit

It will make ZOO look great in all Warp7 themes

ZOO meets UIkit

Today the ZOO learns to integrate with UIkit. With UIkit we have just released our own lightweight and modular front-end framework. It powers all of our new Warp 7 themes starting with Nano3.

With the new ZOO 3.1 release the ZOOs apps now feature each a new UIkit template. This will make ZOO look awesome in our Warp 7 themes. The ZOO app will automatically adapt the style of the Warp 7 theme. All without writing a single line of code. Read this article in our documentation section on how to use the ZOO with one of our UIkit based themes.

As always, grab your own copy of ZOO 3.1 and take it for a spin.

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Joomla!Day Germany 2013

We are doing two talks about Warp and UIkit at the Joomla!Day Germany in Nürnberg!

Joomla!Day Germany 2013

This year's Joomla!Day takes place on 13th and 14th of September in Nürnberg! It's a two day event: The Business Day on Friday and the Community Day on Saturday. Both days come with a great speaker lineup.

YOOtheme is again Silver sponsor and the whole team will be attending the Business Day. Even better, we will give two talks that day, one about the Warp theme framework and one about our new UIkit front-end framework. It will be a great introduction on how to build Joomla themes with both frameworks.

We are giving away two tickets for both days. Just retweet our tweet to get a chance to win. Or head over to the Joomla!Day website and book your tickets there.

Hope to see you in Nürnberg!

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We are growing

A brief update on our future plans


This post is about the `Status Quo` of YOOtheme, our future plans and the new product pricing. In the last 6 months we spent a lot of time developing and re-inventing the foundation of our themes. Namely, our new Warp 7 framework which is behind all our current theme releases and UIkit, our new front-end framework.

Theme releases

During the development of our latest themes we realized a rising complexity. Five years ago all we had to do was to make the theme look great in every browser. Nowadays, themes are much more feature-rich. They are responsive and we have to deal with all kinds of viewports and devices. Our latest Warp 7 release brings two new elements into the development: LESS and our new customizer. Making the customizer work great takes a lot of tweaking of all the different variables. Also, the demo content and style variations have become a lot more sophisticated and require a lot of work. In conclusion, we can say that each theme takes 2 months of design and development.

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Lava Theme

August 2013 YOOtheme club theme

Lava Theme

Check out Lava, our August 2013 theme release! Inspired by the modern flat style, we cooked up a fresh, clean and spacious design that will serve perfectly to present your company or portfolio site. It is bright, colorful and extremely versatile, making it an excellent blueprint for all kinds of web creations.

This theme is packed with great features. The fluid wrapper is extra-wide and displays beautifully on large screens. A smooth off-canvas navigation lets visitors browse comfortably through your site on their mobile devices. A neat sticky navbar attaches itself to the top of the page when scrolling, so that you can easily reach it from everywhere on the site. Smooth animated buttons, a sliding search and a nice image overlay give an overall modern and interactive feel to the theme. Optionally, modules can spread over the full width of the wrapper, which is great to display images or slideshows "framelessly".

Lava is based on Warp 7 and provides full support for LESS. The front-end is completely built with UIkit and can be modified through the Customizer. You can change colors, spacing and fonts without having to write a single line of code. To get you started, Lava already provides 8 different style variations to choose from.

  • Full UIkit integration
  • 8 pre-built style variations available
  • Customizer with color picker and Google fonts support
  • Beautiful off-canvas navigation for mobile devices
  • Bonus styles for the Widgetkit Slideshow and Slideset
  • All Warp framework features are available

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

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Theming with UIkit

Learn more about the best practices for creating your own UIkit theme

Theming with UIkit

Today we'll show you how easily you can add your own styling to UIkit. First off, some fundamental HMTL and CSS knowledge and the basics of LESS are required.

The Basics

Let's talk about how theming in UIkit works. Each UIkit component is defined by a LESS file. LESS can not be interpreted by browsers and has to be compiled into browser friendly CSS. For that reason we use the Node.js based task runner Grunt. Once activated, it watches the directory you are working on and compiles all LESS files into one single CSS file, whenever you save a change. Learn more about this here.

On our website you can customize UIkit and download the compiled and minified CSS. For an uncompiled version of UIkit, including all source files, clone the GitHub repository. Once downloaded, you can style your theme by using variables and hooks to add your own styling to a selector. If you don't know how to clone, fork and send pull requests, take a look at the GitHub help.

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UIkit released

A lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.

UIkit Released

Today we are happy and proud to present our new family member: say hello to UIkit! After months of developing and testing we are ready to introduce this lightweight and modular front-end framework. UIkit powers the Warp 7 framework and all our new themes starting with Nano3. Check out the features..

  • Modular and extendable components
  • Consistent and conflict-free naming conventions
  • Responsive and mobile-first
  • Developed in LESS
  • Extendable with themes
  • 2 themes to get you started
  • Real-time customizer
  • Responsive, fluid and nestable grid
  • Off-canvas navigations
  • Navs, dropdowns, modals, buttons and much much more
  • Supports RTL out of the box
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • And much more...

And the best thing about it? UIkit is completely MIT licensed, meaning that you can use it free for all your personal or commercial projects, without any restrictions. It's hosted on GitHub and open for everyone to contribute.

UIkit Website

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Warp 7.1 Released

Now tweaked and improved!

Warp 7.1 Released

Two weeks ago we released our Warp 7 framework and we are really happy with it! It was a huge release for us bringing new technology into our framework like support for LESS and much more. Since the release we gathered all your feedback from bugs, improvements to feature suggestions. Taking all into account, we revised parts of the framework and did a lot of optimizations. Let's have a closer look at it...

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Nano3 Theme

Support for LESS and based on Warp 7

Nano3 Theme

After our big announcement last week, we are very excited to present Nano3, the first theme based on our Warp 7 framework. It is the third generation of popular Nano theme and, like its predecessors, serves as a brilliant blueprint for your custom built themes.

Nano3 is lightweight and streamlined to demonstrate what our new framework can do and to introduce you to the new features it brings with it, which we are happy to say are quite a lot!

  • Full support for LESS
  • Customizer with color picker and Google fonts support
  • New administration area with all theme options in one place
  • UIkit, our new front-end framework
  • Beautiful off-canvas navigation for mobile devices
  • Full Bootstrap support for Joomla 3.1
  • And much more...


Modifying our theme has never been so easy! Thanks to our new customizer, you will no longer need to write any code or require CSS knowledge at all to adjust colors, fonts, spacing and so on. You can simply pick colors or enter your own values. All this works through our very own front-end framework called UIkit, specially developed for Warp. Right now we are preparing the UIkit website and you can expect the official release within the next weeks.

New theme administration

One of the more obvious changes in Warp 7 is the theme administration overhaul. Everything is now in one place. Module class suffixes are no longer required. Widget styles, icons and badges can simply be selected and you can show or hide widgets on different devices with just one click. Plus, it looks awesome ;-)

What's to come

Of course, we will also release a new and improved version of our GPL licensed Master Theme. Which will be available later this summer. So, stay tuned.

In the meantime, we hope you are as excited as we are about Warp 7 and we are anxious to hear your feedback.

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

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Warp 7 - Engage!

After 6 months of hard work we are thrilled to announce Warp7, the latest generation of our theme framework.


First of all a big THANK YOU to the community! We received around 137 posts with suggestions for Warp 7. This helped us a lot and many of them were taken into account.

Two years after we released the first version of Warp 6 in May 2011, its successor is waiting in the wings. Like with all major releases, we did a complete framework overhaul, not only adding features but rather changing the way of building themes. So here is a short Warp 7 feature round-up...

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